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Wellers Hill Bowls Club

   Wellers Hill Bowls Club Inc - Sexton Street, Ekibin; P.O. Box 4 Wellers Hill 4121;  Ph 3848 6712; Fax: 3848 7754; Email

Wellers Hill is a member club of Cunningham District Bowls Association, and our bowlers play in District Championship Competitions, and District Pennants.  Wellers Hill also participates in Premier 7s.

Talk to us about types of Membership.  Social Membership is available, as well as Full Bowling Membership. 

Social Membership form
Full Membership form

Visitor Information: Both Men and Women are welcome to play Tuesday and Saturday afternoons. 

Open Jackpot Pairs. Every Wednesday evening from 6:30pm, 3 games of self-selected 3 bowl pairs. Prize money for highest margin and second highest margin. One lucky team to choose a card from the deck. Pick the Joker and you can win our Jackpot. For more information, phone the Club on 3848 6712.

Wellers Hill Bowls Club bowling for members and guests
Wellers Hill Bowls Club Badge
Wellers Hill Bowls Club Inc
Board Members for 2018-2019

  Mr Geoff Spence
  Deputy Chairperson
  Mr Ian Spence
  Mr Michael Osborne
  Assistant Secretary        
  Mr Robin Spence
  Mr Rodney Pitkin
  Assistant Treasurer
  Mr  Andrew Martin
  Mr David Hall
  Greens Director
  Mr Graeme Twaddell
  Bowls Section Rep
  Mr Louie Surrentino
  CDBA Delegate
  Mrs Kate Lockley
  Club Patron
  Mr Richard Arnold

Bowls Committee - 2018 to 2019

  Mr Louie Surrentino
  Vice President
  Mr Michael Osborne
  Games Director
  Mr David Hall
  DBA Delegate
  Mrs Kate Lockley
  Board Rep
  Mr Louie Surrentino
  Ms Kate Lockley
  Mr David Hall
  Mr Richard Arnold
2018 Wellers Hill Bowls Club Champion Triples team
2018 Wellers Hill Bowls Club Champion 4s team